Harwell Hesco Electric Supply Co. Limited

Toronto, March 2, 2009 – On March 2, 2009, by Order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Commercial List), Deloitte & Touche Inc. was appointed interim receiver and receiver of all of the assets, undertakings and properties of Harwell Hesco Electric Supply Co. Limited (“Harwell” or the “Company”).  Also on March 2, 2009, the Company filed for bankruptcy and a certificate of assignment was subsequently issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, with Deloitte & Touche Inc. being appointed as Trustee in Bankruptcy.

A copy of the receivership order, requisite notices to creditors, and other information in these proceedings are (or will be) posted below as they become available.

Should you require additional information please contact Adam Laiken at 416-775-7206. We will try our best to respond to your enquiry within two business days.

Receivership Order dated March 2, 2009 
Notice and Statement of Receiver 
First Report of the Interim Receiver and Receiver
Approval and Vesting Order - March 31, 2009 
Endorsement of Madam Justice Pepall - March 31, 2009
Interim Statement of Receiver (Subsection 246(2)) - September 8, 2009
Second Report of the Interim Receiver and Receiver
Distribution Order - October 28, 2009 

Creditor mailing package
Notice of Bankruptcy
Proof of Claim form
Trustee’s Preliminary Report

Sales Process
Opportunity to acquire assets of Harwell